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FENO Interpretation Aid estimates reference FENO values for a patient based on individual characteristics such as gender, age and height by using published equations and rules. The patient's measured FENO value is then placed in relation to the reference value to give %FENO (of predicted). FENO Interpretation Aid provides case-specific recommendations aiding the user on the interpretation of the FENO value.

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Available modes: Basic, Advanced and Custom

In the Basic mode, just insert patient's FENO value, age and height. FENO Interpretation Aid will use the equations published by Malmberg LP et al. Pediatr Pulmonol, 2006 for children and by Olin AC et al. Chest, 2007 for adults and compute the %FENO.
The Advanced mode allows you to choose the study or studies (up to 3 simultaneously) that this software uses. After choosing the study(ies) fill in the requested patient data.
In Custom mode, you can ask the FENO Interpretation Aid team to create a new dataset for you to use in your specific setting/population. Fill in the details and the new dataset with the study that you want to use will be made available in the advanced mode.

Developed by

FENO Interpretation Aid was developed within CINTESIS, an academic research unit of Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade do Porto, by MEDIDA, Lda with a grant from Aerocrine AB.
The team members are Joao Fonseca, Kjell Alving, Tiago Jacinto, Eduardo Burnay, Pedro Farinha, Ana Sa e Sousa, Per Larsen, Ricardo Correia, and Altamiro Costa-Pereira.


FENO Interpretation Aid does not make clinical decisions. The health care professional has sole responsibility for the clinical decision and, as a user of the software, is obliged to critically appraise the result . Any patient treatment decisions should be based on sound clinical judgement in the context of any applicable institutional protocols.
Use of FENO Interpretation Aid signifies acceptance that the software is used at the risk of the individual user and acceptance of a "as is warranty statement", where, to the extent allowed by local law, the owner and/or provider of the software does not provide any warranties or conditions of any kind, specifically any implied warranties or conditions of merchantability, satisfactory quality, and/or fitness for a particular purpose and is not liable for direct, special, incidental, consequential or other damages (including lost profit or downtime costs), arising out of use, inability to use, or the outcomes of use of the software based on any legal theory.
The owner and/or provider of the software will make no warranty that any part of this software is suitable for any particular purpose or is error-free.
FENO Interpretation Aid accuracy means that the displayed recommendations are in agreement with the literature from which the rules were extracted; it does not signify that the result reflect the true interpretation of the FENO values, which is under constant evaluation.
Regardless of the software output, interpretation of FENO values and any subsequent action will always be the responsibility of the health care professional.